History on walls. The walls surrounding our barrio are not just art, they’re my lost history textbooks. They tell me a story of my past, present, and sometimes future. Colorful timelines of struggle, pain and love, culture and pride. We all see them differently, some positive and others negative. It’s a beautiful blend of storytelling, from the choice of colors, to the mix of history, to even the wall that it was placed in, the neighborhood it’s located in. We grow up along side of them, seeing them fade, tagged on, re-painted, whitewashed and blissfully sometimes back to shine and tell their story. They adorn our exterior walls like family portraits and as we grow older we notice something different, something new, maybe a new meaning, a new story. It’s architectural poetry in strokes of paint. Brush or spray paint poetry. It’s pretty dope to drive around and see all the different murals we have. From the ones on Soto Ave and Chavez St to the Estrada Projects. Some just propaganda for consumption others in protest. Roosevelt High School has one surrounding the whole back of the school in an Aztec timeline from the beginning of the Empire in Mexico, to the bloody conquest to our struggles of 60’s to our struggles of today. These murals to me are a reminder that we’ve come a long way and we are still marching on, adding more murals to walls, creating more history, more stories, more poetry.

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