The Right Kicks

Everyone knows how important shoes are for their style. They express your personality. You gotta have good shoes when you want to create an entrance and a unique impression. Walking out from your home and into the Eastside world you must be rocking the “the right kicks,” maybe ones ready for a run, a chase, a fight, a dance, whatever. You have to be both fashionable and prepared for battle. It’s always about Name Brand and not just because that’s the way I roll but the way everyone expects you to roll. Damn, it’s hard. I’m over here worrying about not getting caught on a drive-by at the same time I’m trying to look fresh with my kicks. To some, they must be known, seen on a commercial or something. Have an athletes’ name attached to it and everything.

Me I like to rock Vans, simply classic, in different colors, but always and I mean always with a clean, white outersole–until one pendejo comes steps on them and messes everything up. I remember the struggle of getting my parents to buy me some $250 Jordans. Little did I realize then that they had to struggle for that money. Work multiple hours, overtime and all just for some shoes. But once I had them on it was a whole other story. I was turning heads, it was all eyes on me. Shit, I see dudes camp out for days just for a pair on a limited run. Yep, Shoes are just shoes, but the right ones are hard to find, hard to rock, hard to get. I appreciate every pair because I know there are those that don’t even have one pair. Now I always give my old, good condition pairs away to charity. The right kicks are kicks for everyone.

Spots for Kicks in East Los: WareHouse Shoe Sale on 4th Street for sure, Shoe Land in Commerce, cross the bridge into Lil Tokyo for RiffL.A or Shiekh and Shoe Palace at The Shops of Montebello.

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