The Wheels on the Bus go Round & Round

On a daily or when we’re really lazy we take public transportation. From MTA to the Montebello Bus we go round and round. From one spot to the other. Sitting on germ filled seats, covered in used gum with no flavor and a decor of scribed hit-ups from “Shorty loves Little Ass” to an abbreviated gang name. We can sit anywhere we want but we always choose all the way to the back.

Not sure when the change came from the back of the bus being the worst to now being the coolest but that’s where all my friends go. Maybe it’s to be as far from the driver as much as possible so we can fool around in peace, scream at other cars, and flirt with the girls without no one telling us to stop. That’s how we get around, on the bus. If it’s not on our fixies or like my mom’s says “a pata” on your feet we go public transportation.

Me and my homies go everywhere from East Los to the Montebello Mall and even all the way to Venice Beach. We love getting lost by transferring from bus to bus, getting a view of the our big city first hand, meeting different people, getting thrown out of buses, meeting girls from other neighborhoods to even getting hit-up by dudes in the wrong areas. I like riding on the bus. We get to see all kinds of people, discover all kinds of new things and places. It’s a whole exciting experience. From waiting for the bus, waiting some more and more to missing the bus, passing our stop, getting off and being in the wrong location to not having the right change.

Stepping away from our car and into public transportation can be a hassle but such a discovery. I strongly suggest taking an adventure once a month. Take in your city, take in your neighborhood, it’s people, it’s shops and view the city in a different perspective. Get lost in it, get away for just one day or more.

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