10 Ways Getting Drunk Totally Ruins Your Night
The Siren Staff The Siren Staff August 3, 2014

10 Ways Getting Drunk Totally Ruins Your Night


Featured image by Tom Margie, used under a Creative Commons license.

Misdialing a new number and continuing an old argument. Ooops! Friendship FAIL!giphy-4

It can cause you to do sexual things that you wouldn’t normally want to do. Facts and tips here!

Getting the whirlies in a restaurant . . . or on the sidewalk . . . or just about anywhere. Result: Embarrassing yourself on YouTube.giphy-5

Running into things… hey, are those bruises? Winding up in the emergency room, crying.giphy-6

Screaming at your best friend. You may not remember what you said, but she will. Forever.giphy-7

When your brain says one thing and your mouth says another. Bye-bye reputation!giphy-8

It takes away your inner controls that usually keep you in line and makes it possible for you to make not-so-smart decisions (such as not use a condom, drive drunk and other FAILs). More facts here.

Cromiting. Crying and vomiting at the same time.giphy-9
Cromarting. Don’t ask.giphy-4

Hearing yourself say “and there’s one more thing . . . ” and not knowing what the hell you are supposedly talking about. Everybody’s staring at you.giphy-5

Saying “yes” when you mean “no” and “no” when you mean “yes.” Regretting it for a lifetime.giphy-6

Thinking that nobody notices how hammered you are. Hearing about it from strangers the next day.

Singing along with an entire song. An. Entire. Song. Every. ***. Word.giphy-7

Thinking “I’ve never sung this well before.” Finally realizing everyones laughing at you.giphy-8

Thinking “I’m the best dancer out here.” Being so very, very wrong.giphy-9

Waking up with EVERYBODY mad at yougiphy-11

Discovering what happened on Facebook the next morning. Discovering your mom knows too.giphy-12
The headache, ay dios mio the headache!giphy-13

Looking at the food. Knowing it will make you barf. Eating it anyway.giphy-14

And the one NOT regrettable thing… knowing that you will NEVER, EVER DO THIS AGAIN!giphy-15

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