19 Problems Magic Could Totally Fix
The Siren Staff The Siren Staff August 24, 2014

19 Problems Magic Could Totally Fix


Not getting passing gradesimage81

Not getting college-ready gradesimage93


Being singled out by school and police for being late to schoolimage12


My Mom working too many hoursimage99


Sweating the rent money every monthimage16


Feeling like I don’t fit in and have no friendsimage63


Being made fun of for how I lookimage17


My aunt’s cancer (cure it!)image01


Not getting along with my parentsimage95


That dang dog next door that won’t stop barkingimage40


Missing free throwsimage35


My weak singing voiceimage22

Poor kung fu skillsimage33

Him/her not being in love with youimage19


That dude who stole your rims (stereo, carburetor)image11


That thing you did that one time (make everyone forget)image02


Chocolate (sugar and fat)image39


The fact that you’ve watched all the episodes of Breaking Bad and Gleeimage70


School starting too earlyimage44


Generally — all your problems!image57

The Siren Staff

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