Got Chisme: GTA 5 & Harry Perverts
Chismama Chismama July 30, 2014

Got Chisme: GTA 5 & Harry Perverts


SPOILER ALERT!! Hey everyone! It’s Chismama at the Siren with today’s “Got Chisme?”!

Today’s Got Chisme has some advice for friends and lovers, wannabes and usedtobes:

First tip, if you’re at some high school social event, a mixer or a sock hop, and a spontaneous dance routine busts out, go with it!

Cecinderella, if you’re dancing in the vicinity of a handsome prince or two, try to wrap it up before your man shows up to drive you home in his carriage. (And, please, let’s leave the jealousy at home, macho muchachos!)

And if seeing you near that other prince turns your coach into a pumpkin, don’t get desperate. Let’s avoid the night busses, shall we? This ain’t Harry Potter. More like Harry Perverts. Amber’s still out there, chicas. Be safe.

And if Jacob’s truck ain’t doing it, try DJ Nick’s g-ride. He says it’s a loaner, but Chismama has played her share of GTA5.

Obviously, you should NOT drive (ninguno vehiculo: pumpkins, carriages, flying carpets) if you have been drinking. Period. But once you get home to your humble abode, try to avoid spewing into the bushes. Just cause you’re all green doesn’t mean the shrubs will appreciate it.

But biggest of all, if you are returning to your very own prince or princess charming, make them feel like royalty. Break out all the dancing bowls and dish up a little “Be My Guest.”

Now that the square dance is done, everybody should be back to their original partners. Or, if you’re flying solo, just leave the couples to their thing and get funky with your own bad self!

Salud, dinero, amor, y chisme!ChismamaSignature



What, you thought I was going to tell you? No such luck! Chismama is anonymous for a reason: gossip is dangerous, you gotta take some precautions. Just remember, Chismama loves you. And always remember how we say goodbye: Salud, dinero, amor, y chisme!

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