Got Chisme? Homecoming Hits
Chismama Chismama July 16, 2014

Got Chisme? Homecoming Hits


SPOILERISIMO! Hello E-Lo! It’s the Chismama back again with the dish hot — clogging your gossip arteries like cafeteria refried beans.

The Homecoming Hits keep on coming: EastLos was graced with a visit from former Bomb Squad captain.  Vanessa De La Cruz.  A little chisme bird tweeted that she exploded when she found out the Bombing Squad is run by Ceci, who then detonated the squad, firing everyone. Hey, makes perfect sense.  Can’t get people to listen to you, Go all Donald Trump.  Definitely not your fault.   Welcome back Ceci and Vanessa. We needed role models.giphy-20

Meanwhile, Snapchat was buzzin’ with pics of Diego’s truck all tricked out in the hearts, but — oops, they weren’t from su novia Gina. By the way, that tray full of heart-shaped brownies put the nom-nom back in sloppy seconds.giphy-33

And the Amber Alert for Amber goes on. Trending hashtags: #wheresamber #amberwenthere #gotamber.  But odds are looking less like a TJ vacay and more like a napping.

But, worry too much about missing persons and you’ll be missing the nominations for Rey y Reina of this year’s Homecoming. And the nominees are: Homecoming King: Nicolas Reyes, Diego Campos, Chris Vargas, Manny Martinez and for Queen: Camila Barrios, Britney Rodriguez, and Ashley Fernandez. The latter of whom, well, the gif says it best…tumblr_mz3q5lwXD01ql5yr7o1_400

Salud, dinero, amor, y chisme!




What, you thought I was going to tell you? No such luck! Chismama is anonymous for a reason: gossip is dangerous, you gotta take some precautions. Just remember, Chismama loves you. And always remember how we say goodbye: Salud, dinero, amor, y chisme!

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