Got Chisme: The River of De-NIAL
The Siren Staff The Siren Staff August 20, 2014

Got Chisme: The River of De-NIAL


SPOILER ALERT!! Hey everyone! It’s Chismama at the Siren with today’s “Got Chisme?”!

Our recent guest speaker at our Life Skills class, Alma, the brave mujer who shared her experiences with dating abuse as a teen has Chismama thinking about denial. You know, at EastLos, there are a lot of people in denial about a lot of things, but, amig@s, when the cumbia plays, you’ve got to face the music.

But, no, it seems it’s time for that ancient river of De-NIAL to flow again.  So if the truth hurts, here are some options:

Play it off with some acting: Did you catch Gina and Zac’s acting in the Days of Our Lies of their Life Skills drama? Ouch.  Don’t think they’ll be winning any Oscars this year.

Eat whatever he serves you: He has the huevos to serve you up his powdered eggs as if it were the real thing?  Eat ‘em with a shovel, yum!

Hop out of the neighborhood:  Or if you’re delivering the Cheater Slam, be sure to grub in a different vecina so you don’t accidentally spill some sugar on Chismama’s plate.

Jet out of town: And if the Valley isn’t far enough for you, try another state. We hear Expedia’s got an EastLos Special for Vegas Hotels.  Nic, Nic. My how that music industry is good to its interns. While you’re there, go see that new Cirque du Soleil show: De-cep-cion! They say it’s bound to fool even yourself.

Stand by your man: Dance Coach Ceci might not take any garbage from the Bomb Squad but word is she’s taking the garbage, the recycling, and the lawn clippings from her man.  Pendejo. (EastLos siento, gotta call it like it is.) We’re putting up some resources on The Siren in case you or one of your friends or even relatives are in this position, soon.  There are ways out!

But there is something else you can do if you face a harsh reality, if you hear that familiar corrido playing:

OWN IT. Chismama gives props to the latest Tiger to pad out of the closet. Probably didn’t surprise anyone when Jocelyn showed the big L on her chest. But showing some true class, the Facebook morality police turned it into a Scarlet Letter. [Slow Clap]  Well done, Dimsdale.  (Come on!  You can remember at least the Spark Notes you used to pass that quiz, right?)

Jocelyn might be on the outs right now, but apparently she’s the only one with the courage to stand up and roar. Listen, East LA Tigers, if I catch you by the tale – don’t holler.  Own up to the music that’s playing, no matter how much you don’t want to face it.  Name that tune. Own it.

Salud, dinero, amor, y chisme!ChismamaSignature

Featured image by Alchemica, used under a Creative Commons license.

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