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Soli gomez Soli gomez June 17, 2013

Rate This Party


This weekend ELH staffers ventured out to check out the parties around East LA and beyond. Reporting by Soli Gomez & Paulie Hernandez.

While there we asked the partygoers, ‘What do you think makes a party amazing?’

“Live music makes a party. But, I don’t like it when there’s a band and no one is paying attention to them. That is the saddest thing ever.”

“High school parties gotta start early, like at 7:00pm. Well, you gotta say seven for the people to show up by 8:00. “Cause, like, I gotta be home by 11:30 or my mom won’t talk to me the whole next day and if things don’t start early then I don’t got enough time to party.”

“Hot girls.” “The guys gotta be fine.”

“People are nice and talk to you even if they don’t know you. That makes everyone at the party happy and then there is a cool vibe and people leave with a smile on their face.”

“Good DJ who plays for the party and not for himself. This means the DJ has to pay attention to the vibe of the people at the party and play to that vibe.”

“Whoever’s party it is has to be in charge of controlling anyone who is too drunk or faded. Like they gotta ask ‘em to leave or find a place for them to sleep it off. It only takes one drunk asshole to ruin a whole party.”

“A good party is one that’s rowdy enough to be fun, but not so rowdy that it gets shut down by the cops.”

*Editor’s Note: Remember the drinking age is 21 and whatever you do don’t drink and drive. –SG
Sheeiii…, no one is East LA even has a car. But, I do know some people who can’t even drink and walk. So no drinking and walking, people. -PH
I say no drinking until you are 21. –SG
Yeah, right. –PH

Soli gomez

Soli gomez

The former editor of the East Los High Siren, Soli Gomez now attends UCLA, where she is majoring in journalism. You can still see her around the halls of East Los High, though, mentoring younger students!

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