Vamp to Victim
Rebecca Hernandez Rebecca Hernandez May 30, 2013

Vamp to Victim


As we have reported, the scene at the Winter Formal got way cold when someone sent Jacob Aguilar a video of his girlfriend Vanessa de la Cruz hooking up with someone else in the parking lot of this school.

And while everyone thought Vanessa was the bad girl – she was actually a victim of cyberbullying, something that is totally not cool, can really hurt people including the person committing the offense AND there are actually laws against it.

So what is cyberbullying???

Cyberbullying takes on many forms. Basically it is when a teen or younger kid is embarrassed, harassed, threatened, tormented, hurt, or humiliated by another kid using the internet, cell phones or other digital devices. Sending hate mail, sexting pictures of people to hurt them, posing as someone else online to start trouble, or being harassed just because of where you come from or what you look like are examples of cyber-bullying.

So when someone made a sex video of Vanessa and sent it to Jacob it’s pretty obvious they were trying to hurt Vanessa. And they did hurt her. Jacob dumped her and now everyone in school has seen this embarrassing video so she is basically humiliated. Not that she’s all innocent, but she has a right to her privacy and what she does in private is no one else’s business. We probably all do stuff in private that we don’t want other people to see or even know about, and that is our right.

Mr. Rivera, ELH Dean of Discipline stated that “Cyberbullying is a very serious crime, not only is it a violation of school rules it can be a violation of the law.” Examples of cyber-bullying include making threats, calling names, sending x-rated or offensive pictures, and constantly texting or emailing someone who has told you to stop. “If any ELH student is being harassed, abused or humiliated, on line, by phone, or with another digital device they should report it to the school right away.”

So who did this to Vanessa? No one knows. Mr. Rivera is trying to track that down now and told students, “Don’t worry. We will find out and that person will face serious discipline. School policy prohibits all forms of bullying and consequences for violations include counseling in school, detention, suspension, expulsion, counseling outside of school and referral to law enforcement officers. People should know that it is easy to trace someone who is bullying over the internet, on Facebook, by cell, twitter, etc.”

This is serious stuff. I don’t know if you have been paying attention to the news but it has lead to some really sad stuff even suicide. If you are having problems with someone, talk to somebody, get help, don’t be a bully, it is never okay. You don’t know what people aredealing with in their lives and we all do stupid things sometimes. Its our job to look out for one another, not try to destroy one another. Be a friend and if a friend has hurt you then talk to someone who can help.

To get more info on what cyberbullying is, how to prevent it, how to respond and how to get help, check out or athinline.orgIf you have suffered from cyberbullying or have seen cyber bullying at school, or know someone who has been a victim of cyber bullying, visit this website and take action. You could change someone’s life forever.

Rebecca Hernandez

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