When & How to get Tested for STIs
The Siren Staff The Siren Staff August 25, 2014

When & How to get Tested for STIs


Just as you go to the dentist to check in on your teeth, you should check up on your genitals every so often to make sure they’re chilling STI-free.


1. After leaving a relationshipSTI3

You want to make sure you’re not taking anything with you on the way out.

2. Before entering a relationship

You both want to make sure you’re not bringing anything in.STI2

3. Every six to twelve months, regardless of frequency of partners.

Just get checked on the regs. It’ll keep your mind at ease.
STI1(This sloth is so chill. Be chill, like this sloth.)

4. Any time you notice something funky.

Discharge that is dissimilar to your normal body fluids qualifies as funky. Any unusual bumps and cold sores are also classified as funky.STI4

5. Any time your partner asks you.

Even if you believe you don’t have an STI, it’s still a sign of respect to get tested for your partner.


Check out your local Planned Parenthood for a list of health centers that provide STI testing. After looking over your genitals or mouth for any signs of an STI, someone will take a blood sample. You’ll have your results in less than a week!

Note: Getting an STI, while unfortunate, isn’t the end of the world. Someone who has an STI isn’t “dirty.” Thanks to modern medicine, chlamydia, gonorrhea, crabs and syphilis are all curable with antibiotics. Herpes and hepatitis B and C are irreversible, but they can be controlled with medicine. You can protect against HPV (which can lead to cervical cancer) with Gardasil, a series of three shots that prevents one from ever getting HPV (people who don’t have uteruses can get it as well to avoid ever giving it to a partner!).

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