Soli gomez Soli gomez May 31, 2013
Winter Formal Brings Surprise Storm

With the East Los High gym transformed into a romantic winter wonderland, this years Winter Formal started out like many Winter Formals in the past, with the crowning of the King and Queen. Mr. Rivera placed the crowns on the heads of Jacob Aguilar and Vanessa de la Cruz, East Los High couple of the moment. (Why do couples always win?) But, what happened next was a cold slap in the face to King Jacob. During their King and Queen dance Vanessa excused herself and was later filmed in a compromising position in the parking lot. (If you haven’t seen the video by now, you obviously left early for your family’s annual Christmas trip to Mexico.) But, Jacob got his revenge when he finished the dance with hot Junior Jessica (Jessie) Martinez. Although their dance was cut short when someone sent Jacob the video of Vanessa. Jacob immediately busted outside just as Vanessa was coming back to the gym and they had a big pleito right there in front of everyone.

It is actually just a sad moment for everyone. One, how could Vanessa do that to such a great guy? Two, taking a video of someone and sending it to other people in the school is just messed up and actually a form of bullying. There’s been a lot of examples in the news lately about how bad that can go.

One witness to the storm, Sophomore Carmen Rico, told it this way, “She treated him so cold. How could you do that to the finest guy in school. He was really pissed.” Mirna’s friend, Lucy Rivera added, “She may be hot, but she ain’t never gonna be hot enough to melt his heart again.” In fact a source close to the Queen confirmed that she sent 35 texts to Jacob over the weekend, and he didn’t answer, not even one. It looks like the Winter Formal King and Queen are in a deep freeze.

But, before all the drama drama, people were having a good time. Check out the red carpet videos we shot before it went down:

Soli gomez

Soli gomez

The former editor of the East Los High Siren, Soli Gomez now attends UCLA, where she is majoring in journalism. You can still see her around the halls of East Los High, though, mentoring younger students!

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