Time to Cut the Fro

It’s time to cut the fro and in East Los a fro is just 2 to 3 inches. Nasty! Hehe. A fresh-fade is mos-def needed and quickly, from a taper to a low-fade or just a simple clean-up. If you’re smart you roll up early to Barber Shop with fools already in line waiting for that buzz cut. Even on a school day morning. Shit, we rather be with a fresh-fade than a good grade! Right?!

We all got our spots and our own barbers. For this shit we definitely got commitment, unless the homie does a little trasquilado then it’s “on to the next one.” On weekends I’ve waited 2-3 hours. Lines outside the doors, Barbers hooking up homies before regulars or someone was on the “invisible appointment list”. We got Old School Veterano Barbers that take 2-3 hours for one dude and it’s not just because they take long cutting hair but because they love to talk. Bunch of Comadres. talking about “back in my day, widi widi…” Shit man, I just want a fade y ya. Then we got young barbers checking out every girl that passes by so we all pause for a min turn our heads towards her direction and then back on it. It’s a routine. Wait, Bullshit, Bullshit, Fade with bullshit, girl walks by, pause, turn, then in unison “daaaaaaamn did you see that?” then some more BS. All the wait for a fresh new fade.

It’s worth it. When you’re out, even with a hat on, it’s somehow worth it. It’s the clean feeling. Some sorta weight removed from your head. Barber Shops are now popping out left and right with dudes doing all kinds of different stuff, fohawks, side cuts, long, designs, the line, shaving, you name it. I’ve gone to several classics for sure, in no specific order…

  • Alexʼs Barbershop 3540 First Street (East Los)
  • Tepa Barbershop 3204 East 4th Street (Boyle Heights)
  • Arron Barbershop 3944 Whittier Boulevard (East Los)
  • The Barber House 204 S. Ave 20 (Lincoln Heights)
  • Jessieʼs Barbershop 2626 Cesar E. Chavez (Boyle Heights)
  • El Cuadrilatero Barbershop3617 E. First Street (East Los)
  • J & J Barbershop 2433 E Cesar E Chavez Ave (Boyle Heights)
  • Professional Barbershop 3544 E Cesar E Chavez (Boyle Heights)
  • BB Barbershop 4016 Whittier Boulevard, Los Angeles (East Los)
  • Rayʼs Barbershop 3052 East 4th Street, Los Angeles (Boyle Heights)

So if you have an east los fro hurry up and clean that baby up!

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