Asking Her To The Dance

She sits just two seats in front of me, simple, no make-up and a smile from cheek to cheek. She gives me the chills. I can’t take it sometimes. Can’t even make out words when I’m asked a question. My mind is locked on her and not on history. I’m not like everyone else chasing her. I just watch, hoping for an opportunity. One chat, one giggle. Maybe one smile directed towards me. I’ve seen her at dances before, always dances in a circle with all her dance team friends. With every song a rejection towards a guy trying to get close. I just kick-back, hold the wall, take a sip of the punch and observe her beauty from afar and wait, wait for the next dance.

Waiting was a risk, a risk of losing her but I risked it. Winter Ball was just around the corner and I had it all set, the words to say, they way, the location, even what to wear. I was ready. Waking up that day was like waking up for a trip to Disneyland – I woke up two hours early! Got out of bed, showered, shaved whatever hairs I had on my face, dressed and left to school looking fresh. I had a smile like no other. I glowed and everyone noticed me differently. No one knew my mission, I kept it all inside. It’s 8:15, the bell has rung and into class we go, into my seat just behind her, waiting for her arrival, waiting and waiting—but she never made it to first period, nor second. My glow had vanished, my smile had flipped.

A cloud of embarrassment followed me on my way to Nutrition when all of a sudden I heard my name being shout by the most angelic of voices. I slowly turned and it was her, Yolanda, walking towards me. I froze back to my usual self. With words, sight, movement locked. She asks “did I miss anything important in class,” I reply with nothing. I couldn’t talk.  “Hey, you alright” she says, and a smile grows on my face from cheek to cheek and I say “Yeah, Yes, everything is just right.” She smiles and says “Good.” I get my glow back, my words, my movement and go in. “No, nothing really important. Same ol’ thing you know but I was wondering if you would like to go to Winter Ball with me?” She replies “Really? I’d love to.”

Boom! Question asked, answer delivered, Mission Accomplished. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t that hard either. The night of Winter Ball I didn’t hold up no wall, I raised the roof! Left to right, right to left, a slide, turn and repeat. We glowed, we danced, we smiled and yes we kissed.

Our first date recommendations:

  • Hollenbeck Park – Make it a picnic, maybe with some churros or fruit. Walk around, feed the ducks or push one another on the swing.
  • Mariachi Plaza – Walk around, buy a raspado, sit in the plaza and take in the music, maybe sing a tune accompanied by a Mariachi.
  • Ride the Goldline: Hop on the train and get lost in the city….
  • End it with some Tacos: Look for our “Best East L.A Tacos” pick-one, have a bite and end the night right…oh yeah maybe some gum before the kissing begins.

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