Taco Paradise

East Los is definitely a Taco Paradise. On this side of the river, Tacos are a custom, it’s a way of living, especially after a night of non-stop dancing or after beating your rival high school football team. It’s definitely a way of ending the night right. 3-GuisadosTacosYou can smell it coming from a mile away, sneaking into every crevice, into our nostrils, grabbing us and taking our hunger hostage. We follow and something leads the way. They’re on every corner, every block. With each one a new flavor, a different flavor, each one unique in its own way. You could say, a taco is a taco – just the same as that other place, but every spot does have its own special touch. From red or green salsa, maybe some guacamole, limon, onions, cilantro all mixing it up right. I recommend kissing before the first bite. hehe. I have multiple favorites, I’m not into committing to one Taco Shop. I can say I’m in a open relationship. I can’t be honest to one, especially not in East L.A. where there’s so many options that I can just cross the street from one spot to another.

At Pecas in Boyle Heights, I love their small tortilla and salsa, one bite and taco is long gone. Koritas on Olympic in East Los has my heart right now… damn they are so good! 3-TacosPecasNicely grilled asada with a tortilla press clamped next to the grill, the cook forming fresh masa into the press and then tossing the fresh corn tortillas on to the grill. Tubs of salsas and condiments-marinated carrots, jalapenos, a salsa verde, roja and pico de gallo set on the counter attached to the truck. For a drink I always go with a classic Mexican Coke or some Horchata. It’s the perfect mix. So what’s your favorite taco spot?

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