10 Ways to Make your Comfort Food Healthier
The Siren Staff The Siren Staff July 25, 2014

10 Ways to Make your Comfort Food Healthier

  1. Olive Oil Instead of Lard or Butter Don’t let it scare you just because you shake it instead of slicing it; it has all of the greasy goodness and a lot less of the bad stuff. This one tip will change your life!IMG_1965
  2. Half the Calories, Twice the Fun Have only half of your usual candy bar . . . but SLOW DOWN when you eat it. Chew in slow motion, close your eyes and really dive into the taste. Because you’re paying attention, it’ll taste much better than usual.IMG_1976
  3. Go Fishing Beef? Pork? Chicken? I’m choosing the fish! It’s good protein, less fat.IMG_1985
  4. Bake Your Own Potato Chips Slice ‘em thin. Put ‘em right on the oven rack at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes. They’ll look brown and yummy when they’re done. Put ‘em in a bowl and sprinkle salt, pepper, chili, and a little vinegar. Last step: compare the price to that bag they sell. You win!IMG_1994
  5. Don’t forget the lime! Fresh lime is one of planet earth’s great pleasures, plus it’s full of vitamin C.IMG_1961
  6. Peanuts for peanuts Peanuts are a great, healthy, salty snack that’s a great substitute for oily chips or puffs. Tip: usually, the smaller the package the higher the price-per-peanut. Look for places that sell bigger bags of peanuts or that sell peanuts in bulk.IMG_1981
  7. Match Crunch for Crunch For every bite of crunchy fatty food (like chips . . . oooh, chips) or crunchy sweety food (candy . . . ooh, candy) have a bite of crunchy healthy food: apple, pear (sometimes crunchy), celery (the crunchiest of all, and super good for you). Match bite for bite, crunch for crunch. Count ‘em and win!IMG_1972
  8. Spice it Up! I’m not gonna lie. Your mouth knows the taste of fatty foods and loves it! But you want to slim down. So, fool your mouth! Try the low-fat version of a favorite food but pour on the heat!
  9. Turkey is Not Just for Thanksgiving Substitute turkey for beef or pork in chiles and casseroles. Just make sure and check the label to make sure it’s lean turkey.
  10. As long as the oven is on… There are probably two levels in there, right? Slice up some some sweet potatoes, yams or regular potatoes super thin, put a tiny bit of olive oil on them and roast them until they’re golden brown. They’re crazy good and crazy healthy, too.IMG_1967
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