How To Stay Safe on Social Media
The Siren Staff The Siren Staff September 13, 2014

How To Stay Safe on Social Media


1. Don’t use your full name on Twitter/Tumblr

I know it’s tempting to link all your social media profiles, but don’t put your full name on all your social media profiles. Because creepers.image08

2. Turn off your iCloud settings/don’t connect your phones to unsafe computers

Go into your iCloud and make sure your photos aren’t synching to the cloud. Also, if you do need to plug your phone into a computer, make sure you click “do not trust” and don’t upload your photos.image24

3. Do not take, share or keep naked images on your phone.

Having, taking, or sharing an inappropriate picture of someone under the age of 18 is considered child pornography. You and your friends can be prosecuted as sex offenders. California also has “revenge porn” laws which criminalize uploading sexually explicit pictures or video of someone without their consent. Don’t take those kinds of pictures, don’t share them, and don’t ask other people to take them.image01

4. Keep your Facebook private

Especially as some of you are applying to colleges or jobs, you do not want your web presence to seem irresponsible. You want to walk into your interviews confident, not worried that the person interviewing you has seen pictures of you being messy. Maybe it’s not fair that your professional life is judged by your personal life, but it’s a reality.image09

5. Do not link to your address, bank account information, or cell phone number on any site and turn off location services.

Again, because creepers. You don’t want people seeing where you were when you posted that facebook status or sent that message. You can also check out Spokeo to see what information is available about you, then go to their opt out page to remove your listing and any information about yourself. Spokeo, and other websites that gather personal information, are also in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act for selling personal information to companies.image11

6. Don’t be rude

The internet can be a place for discussion, but it shouldn’t be a place for bullying. Don’t be that person that starts drama, posts passive-aggressively, insults others, or is mean.image12

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