The Souls You Can Touch: An Interview With Jay Lozoya
The Siren Staff The Siren Staff September 18, 2014

The Souls You Can Touch: An Interview With Jay Lozoya


Lucky us! We at the Siren got to talk with multitalented singer, songwriter, actor, and producer Jay Lozoya. (Yes, he’s cute in person!) Born in Phoenix in 1994 to Mexican parents, Jay (real name scoop: Jay = Osbaldo Diaz Jr.) moved to the SF Bay Area as a little guy where his family went through hard times, for a while all living in a garage. Jay’s dad, Osbaldo Sr., is musical and has worked hard to build success developing and producing legit bands. From the age of 9, Jay was in a group called Young Aphiliates with his older brothers. Now Jay is well into a solo career. Check out his amazing single “Aww Yeah!” 


– Who were your biggest early musical influences?

Mi padre, ever since I can remember he loved music, and he kept it alive within our family. It’s a beautiful feeling having music pumping through your veins. 

– When did you realize you wanted to be a musician?

When I was 3 years old my family and I where at a flea market and there was a Mexican band playing live. My dad asked my older brother Favian to go sing a song with them. Before my brother could even answer I ran off and up the stage, I wanted to sing! That desire to sing never went away. 


– How has your culture been a source for your art?

My culture has EVERYTHING to do with who I am today as an artist. Being a first generation Mexican American I was brought up on some of the most amazing musicians and singers to ever do it. Looking up to them and hoping to one day be able to touch people in the way that they have, among other things, is what drives me.

– Your path has included hardships and now, success. What encouragement would you give to East Los High students based on your experiences?

It’s easy to give up; it’s easy to call it quits. But no matter what obstacle comes your way, NEVER forget where you came from, and what you do it for.

– What advice would you give to students wanting to start a music career?

If you love music the way I do, the sky is the limit. The souls you can touch, the hearts you can reach, the history you can make is there, it’s literally yours for the taking. 

It’s all on you and how much love you have for music and what you do. Reach your hand up in the air and you can play with the stars.

Live by music, Die by music, and the rest will find its way.

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